Hot air balloons are one of the most secure modes of travel in the sky. Hot air balloons are actually less dangerous than airplanes and helicopters. This comes as a surprise to some, but there are several reasons why it is so. There were 21 fatalities caused by hot air balloon accidents and disasters between 2000 and 2016. This is a far lower number than you’ll see in other forms of air travel or non-recreational air activities.

If you’re hesitant about flying in a hot air balloon, keep the following points in mind before making your decision.

The weather is a major factor in the safety of hot air balloon experiences. When you fly in an airplane or a helicopter, you will almost always be flying in terrible weather. These circumstances may sometimes not be avoided.

Pilots of hot air balloons are extremely concerned about the weather, and if they think it’s dangerous in any way, your flight will be canceled. Because it is in the hands of government authorities rather than business interests, it is not accessible to commercial interests that might want to profit if they fly.

Modern technology has made it a lot easier for pilots to acquire the facts and data they require to have a safe flight.

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