The answer is yes.

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Cappadocia, which begins in May and lasts until late July. The flora of this semi-arid environment is in bloom, the days are warm while the nights are chilly, and there’s little rain. If you want to go hot air ballooning later in the season, when the weather is more stable, it’s better because strong winds can terminate some flights.

The months of July and August are the busiest in Cappadocia, with temperatures that can be quite stifling on occasion, especially during peak season. In the height of summer, daytime temperatures may reach 40°C.

The fall in Cappadocia, like the spring, is a fantastic time to go hiking. It gets significantly colder in September and October, and at times you may believe you have the entire trails to yourself. Sunset views over the Red and Rose Valleys are beautiful, and nights can be chilly but far more pleasant than in the spring.

Winters in Cappadocia begin in November and are coldest in December and January, when the temperature can drop to -1°C i day time and -10°C at nights. The rocks and valleys look lovely covered with snow, which may last until March or even April. All-year round, weather permitting, balloon flights are available; you’ll need to dress warm if flying between November and February.