During the winter in Cappadocia, the region surrounding the city sees a lot of snow. While snow isn’t certain, if you go to Cappadocia in December, January, or February, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t see a snowy landscape!

The winter will be windy and chilly, with a few snowstorms ranging from 15 to 30 centimeters. The winter in Cappadocia is fickle. One day might be cold and rainy, the next snowy, and the next sunny and warm.

It’s quite possible that the extended forecast will be incorrect, so if you’re visiting to stay in a cozy boutique cave hotel during these months, remember to pack clothes that can be layered. The nights will be chilly, with most days near freezing. Those who get to see Cappadocia covered in snow are enjoying a special treat, but it’s nearly impossible to say which days will snow.