Istanbul is a popular European vacation destination for people from across the world. When compared to other important European metropolitan areas, Istanbul is a low-cost destination.

Istanbul isn’t too costly when compared to several of the world’s major cities and Europe’s other countries. It is relatively more expensive than some destinations in the EU, such as Poland, Romania, or Bulgaria.

In the 2020 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, Istanbul was ranked 156th out of 209 cities in the world. The Mercer Cost of Living Survey is a study that compares the prices of more than 200 items such as housing, transportation, food, clothing, house furnishings, and entertainment to determine cost of living differences across cities worldwide. It allows you to compare costs in other prominent locations around the world.

The cost of hotel rooms varies by district, depending on how far away they are from the city center. However, regardless, it will be more rewarding for you to stay in the city’s main tourist areas and communities instead of traveling all over the city. If you just want to party in Istanbul before returning home, rent a hostel room or a shared room for a couple of nights in the city center. For 2 adults, the cost of a hostel would be around € 20 per night. For 2 adults, a mid-range hotel would cost around € 50 per night.

The cheapest way to see Istanbul is by public transportation. It’s also safe and easy to use. Buses, metros, metro-bus, trams, funiculars, cable cars, shared taxis (dolmus), ferries, and sea-buses are all part of the city’s public transportation system.

For lunch and dinner, a mid-range restaurant’s three-course meal for one person would cost around €9 on average. You may pass the lunch and grab a famous Turkish simit (a sesame crusted bread) with tea for less than €1. We can sum it up by stating that, on average, you will spend about €25 per day for one person on food and beverages. However, we recommend adding some money aside to enjoy some unique local tastes or street cuisine.