Smyrna was a Greek city on the Aegean coast of Asia Minor. Smyrna rose to prominence due to its favorable harbor conditions, ease of defense, and good inland connections. Since 1923, the city has been known as Izmir. It is located about 500 km far from Istanbul.

Smyrna was one of the most significant cities in the Lonian Federation during the first millennium B.C. It is thought that Homer, the Poet, lived here and drew inspiration for his poem “The Odyssey” from Smyrna.

The majority of the ancient city’s existing ruins date from the Roman era, with the majority dating from after a 2nd-century AD earthquake.

The name “Smyrna” is commonly thought to be derived from the Greek mythological Amazon named Smyrna (Smyrna). The name may have been derived from the Greek term for myrrh, smyrna, which was the city’s main export in ancient times.

The impressive late Hellenistic and early Roman city of Smyrna is preserved in the huge area of Izmir Agora Open Air Museum. The entrance fee for the museum is 24 Turkish Lira per person until April 2022 and it is open all year around.

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