The cost of visiting Cappadocia is relatively low when compared to Istanbul, although it may be more costly than other regions of the country owing to its high tourism.

There are a variety of hotels to choose from in Cappadocia, ranging from 20 Euro per night to 2000 Euro per night for the most luxurious and best locations. A high-quality hotel with all the facilities will set you back around 70-100 Euro each night including breakfast.

The most frequent lunch costs approximately 10 Euro per person, whereas the most expensive dinner expenses about 20 Euro each person.

The daily excursions typically cost between 40 and 70 Euro per person per day. Depending on the firm, balloon flights will range from 70 to 200 Euros.

Taxi and bus transfers to the city cost around 8-10 Euro per person each way, while plane tickets from Istanbul start at approximately 40 Euro per person each way.

Istanbul is a bit more expensive than these prices because of the cost of living there is more expensive.