The shortest and best way to travel between Ankara and Cappadocia is by bus or automobile, as there are no non-stop flights, the trains are slow and operate mostly at inconvenient hours, so the most convenient method of transportation is by bus or car.

By Bus

Because there are so many bus companies and departures in Turkey, it’s typically not necessary to buy your ticket ahead of time.

In fact, in big cities and popular tourist destinations, it’s frequently possible to just go to the bus terminal on the day you want to leave and purchase a ticket for the next bus. On the other hand, it is not always possible to take a bus on these routes. National and Islamic holidays and special events are an exception to this basic rule.

Nevşehir’s bus station is 25 kilometers (16 miles) west of most Cappadocian settlements, such as Göreme, Uçhisar, and Ürgüp. When you arrive in Nevşehir otogar, you may be transferred to a shuttle minibus for the final leg of your journey to another Cappadocia town. The price of the minibus trip is usually included in your bus ticket cost.

By Car

Ankara is about 290 km far from Cappadocia. Follow the E-90 highwaysouth and follow signs for Aksaray, 219 kilometers (136 miles, 3 hours). At Aksaray, turn left (east) and follow directions for Nevşehir, 73 kilometers (45 miles, 1 hour).