Cappadocia is on everyone’s list and I think it should be! It’s astounding, magnificent, and otherworldly. One of the many reasons to go to Turkey is that it is a cheap and budget-friendly country.

However, thanks to the popularity of Cappadocia on the Internet (or so it appears), it is now one of the most well-known locations in Turkey (or so it seems). What does a visit to Cappadocia cost? Is it possible to see Cappadocia on a budget? Is visiting Cappadocia costly? I’m guessing that if you want to go to Cappadocia, you have these questions.

There are hotels for all the budgets in Cappadocia starting from 20 Euro per night up to 2000 Euro per night depending on the luxury and location. A good quality hotel that has all the amenities will cost you around 70-100 Euro per night with breakfast.

The average cost of lunch is usually around 10 Euro per person while the dinners are a little more around 20 Euro per person.

The daily tours are usually around 40 Euro to 70 Euro per person per day. The balloon flights will be between 70 Euro and 200 Euro depending on the company.

The airport transfers are around 8-10 Euro per person per way and the flight tickets from Istanbul is usually around 40 Euro per person per way.

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