The warmth is immediately apparent. The flames from the burner are extremely warm, and you’ll quickly realize that the basket is a hot spot. You’ll probably brace for an abrupt, jarring takeoff when you take off. Surprisingly, this does not happen.

When the basket is moved away from the ground once the hot air balloon is full with less dense air, you’ll feel it. This first sensation is quite strange. You may believe you’re in a dream, and how pleasant the floating sensation of being in the balloon is.

When you first get into the basket, which is usually made of wicker, it may appear or feel flimsy. Don’t be concerned–once you’re in flight, it’ll seem more robust. You’ll also realize that you can’t hear the wind very well from within the basket. Simply stated, no matter how terrified you are, on a hot air balloon ride you will feel at ease. Hot air balloon rides are meant to be relaxing and gentle.