Antalya is a historic city as well as a popular tourist destination. The beautiful beaches extend more than 70 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, covering 30% of the region’s coast. Antalya boasts that it is Turkey’s most renowned and frequented resort town. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk hailed it “without doubt” one of the world’s most lovely destinations to visit.

Antalya’s popularity stems from the fact that tourists may enjoy their most desired activities, such as sunbathing and exploring nature, without leaving the city. Those looking for both leisure activities and seclusion will be satisfied with the 640-kilometer shoreline.

Patara, which is one of the most significant cities in Lycia and one of the world’s first villages, can be found on the Teke Peninsula in the west. It is one of the most significant cities in Lycia and among the world’s oldest settlements, located on the Mugla region’s coast. As you travel from south to north along this country’s eastern border, you’ll come across natural beauty such as bays at Demre – ancient theatre ruins and traces of previous civilizations around every corner.

One of the few dive centers in the world is Kaş. Many luxury resort hotels can be found in Kemer, including spectacular Mount Tahtalı (Tahtallar). Kaleiçi, which comprises of both ancient Attaelia, one of the most significant medieval ports in Eastern Mediterranean, as well as Seljuk and natural wonders cliffs, combines historical architecture with modern buildings to form one of Antalya’s most lovely districts.

Perge, which was formerly a port city and is now a major historical center with some stunning monuments, is an outstanding historical centre with particularly lovely structures. Belek, one of the world’s greatest golfing destinations, offers specially created courses. The Belek area has breathtaking resorts, service providers, nature preserves, and more. It’s also close to one of the world’s best-preserved ancient theaters—the Aspendos Ancient Theater (Aspendos Antik Tiyatrosu).

Manavgat Selalesi, one of the most beautiful streams in Turkey, meanders through forests and gentle slopes before joining the river with frothing water. Apollo Temple and Ancient City of Side (Side Antik Kenti) are on the opposite bank, near to the sea.

Alanya is surrounded by a chain of mountains and has forests and waterfalls. There’s also a historically significant castle that extends into the Mediterranean. Take time to explore Antalya, a historic metropolis on the Mediterranean with Toros Mountains encircling it. Feel it with your senses by seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and listening!

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