The Cappadocia Region, which is located in the heart of Turkey’s Anatolian Peninsula and features a valley, canyon, mountains, and unique rock formations as a result of thousands of years of eroding rains and winds on the level lava-covered plain between volcanic mount Erciyes, Melendiz, and Hasan as well as troglodyte shelters cut out of the rock and cities excavated into subterranean mines.

Cappadocia is famous worldwide as a hot-air ballooning destination. The breathtakingly strange topographies, coupled with ideal flying circumstances, allow the balloons to drift gently among fairy chimneys, pigeon lofts cut into unique rock formations, orchards and vineyards – across impressive valleys each with its own distinctive rock formations, colors, and features – before floating up over rippled ravines for stunning views of the area.

Cappadocia is also known for the following places: