Cappadocia, as a major tourism center, offers a wide selection of hotels and areas to select from when deciding where to stay. However, your personal preferences and traveling style should play the most important role in determining where you will stay.

In deciding on your overnight accommodation, consider each district separately. The most popular choices are as follows: Goreme, Uchisar, Avanos, Urgup, and Ortahisar. Let’s have a look at each of them in detail.

Goreme is by far the most popular area for accommodation, especially because it has the main bus station that links all travelers who come from places like Istanbul or Pamukkale. It primarily appeals to budget backpackers since it was one of the first areas in Cappadocia to take tourism, although luxury cave hotels with contemporary facilities are also available. There are restaurants on every street in town, and many have international menus, but traditional establishments are worth checking out to taste genuine Turkish cuisine.

Uchisar is a high-end resort and home to many luxurious hotels. Its advantageous position on a slope offers amazing views of the region, however, may be problematic for disabled people or anybody who has trouble walking. The castle can be explored, but don’t expect to find furniture and antiques like those seen in Europan counterparts. It’s simply a rock castle, but the surrounding lunar landscape and Goreme Valley are breathtaking.

Urgup is a modern town that serves as the base for large tour groups who come in only for the night. Alternatively, a slew of boutique hotels have sprouted up to cater to more demanding tourists. Restaurants and chefs, as well as locally produced wine makers, provide an exquisite eating experience thanks to professional knowledge.

Ortahisar is one of Cappadocia’s lesser-known resorts, and as such it does not attract a lot of attention from the larger groups. For independent travelers looking for a unique experience, it is an excellent option. The town has kept much of its traditional atmosphere, giving you a wonderful cultural encounter into Cappadocia.

Avanos, the charming & very clean town is situated on the banks of the crimson river, which also provides plenty of red clay for making local ceramics. It has lately gotten more crowded, with not just foreign tourists but Turks from surrounding large cities flocking to it for weekend escapes. The facilities are numerous, with hotels, restaurants, and a public bus system available. The town is conveniently located near to Zelve Valley and Pasabag attractions. It’s a lot of fun to participate in a pottery demonstration, which is also entertaining at night with Turkish dance performances.