Ihlara Valley is in the Aksaray province of Cappadocia. Ihlara Valley is about 100 kilometers from Goreme, which takes around 1.5 hours to drive. There are four separate entrances to the valley: Ihlara town entrance, main entrance, Belisirma Village, and Selime Village. If you start at the Ihlara Town Entrance, you’ll pass through Purenli Seki, Kokar, and Agacalti Churches before joining up with the second major entrance with many tourists to see. If you walk left from there along Sumbullu Church or Kirkdamalti Church. Then, you will reach Belisirma Village where numerous restaurants await your visit.

The distance from the first to second entrance is 4 kilometers, with a total of 7 kilometers to Belisirma Village. If you walk 7 kilometres from Belisirma, you will come upon Selime Monastery and Village. With proof of purchase of an Ihlara Valley entrance ticket, visitors can visit the monastery for free.

The Ihlara Valley, located near Mount Hasan and Mount Melendiz (two of Cappadocia’s three volcanic summits), is a steep-walled canyon with a depth of 200m that was shaped by the Melendiz River long ago. The valley begins at Ihlara village and ends at Selime Monastery and it is 14 kilometers in total.

There is an entrance fee of 55 Turkish Lira per person for Ihlara Valley with which you can enter Selime Monastery as well. The GPS Coordinates of the beginning of the valley is 38°14’36.2″N 34°18’29.6″E.