The Sultanahmet Mosque, one of the most spectacular features of Istanbul’s skyline, is also one of the city’s most significant symbols. And it isn’t only because it has a stunning appearance that makes it so interesting. The Blue Mosque is distinguished from other mosques by several characteristics, including the fact that it was the first mosque with six minarets.

The Sultanahmet Mosque has a distinct architectural identity not just because of its six minarets, but also owing to the interior decorations and lighting. The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque today owing to the blue color that characterizes the interior space. The construction of the mosque was very costly, and unusual ornamental elements were added for good measure. It’s said that the chandeliers cost a small fortune when the mosque was constructed.

The Blue Mosque, a stunning Ottoman structure with a distinctive style, attracts millions of local and foreign visitors each year. As Sultanahmet Mosque is a functioning mosque, there is no entrance fee for this amazing place. A few things to know before visiting the mosque are as below:

Christians, Jews, and people of other faiths are all welcome at the Blue Mosque.Before entering the mosque’s carpets, you should remove your shoes.

You are kindly requested to be quiet during the five daily prayers at the mosque, not to make so much noise, and not to run in front of others while they pray. On Friday worship at noon, certain parts of the mosque are temporarily closed to avoid disturbing people praying.

Please be advised that women must wear a head covering when they enter the Blue Mosque. Head scarves are available for free at the entrance. No shorts or sleeveless shirts on either men or women are allowed. It is permissible to take pictures, but you should not photograph the individuals in prayer.